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Let’s dive in:  

Before we can start fresh and recreate ourselves, learning a few things about creation makes sense. Creation? Yes! ‘In the beginning’ type creation stuff!

What do you know about Creation? Do you know when the world was created? How about the exact date? In case you’re not an expert on biblical history, it’s ok. Many people aren’t. You’ll catch up soon!

 In the Bible, there are two main accounts of creation. Each one gives us a little more insight into the intricate details of that amazing day. 

There are also some interesting details about how and why we should celebrate this important event in history. That’s right...there are times in Scripture when God Himself commands us to celebrate something He has done! We can use this insight as a template to celebrate some new things we have done or Will get done! Some of us do this! You can too!

What is the Date of Creation?

One of the most often asked questions about creation is, when exactly did it happen? Some people believe that God created everything in a single day, as described in Genesis 1:1-2. Others believe that a day represented a much longer period of time or a week as described in Genesis 2:4-5. 

When you look at the Bible, you’ll see that the text in each account is slightly different. In Genesis 1, God talks about an evening and morning and uses the imagery of a “Sabbath”.

In Genesis 2, God talks about a man and a woman, and uses the imagery of a “week”.  

The bottom line is that today some of us don’t need to know the exact date that God created the universe and some of us believe we know it was an exact date and when that was.

On the ancient Hebrew Calendar, that day is the 1st day of the 7th month and is called the 1st of Tishrae or Rosh Hashana, The Jewish New Year! The day that Adam and Eve began humanity as all of our grandest great, great grandparents!

Either way, we can understand the significance of the day or week. The Almighty chose to do it. What we need to know is that it happened and we can celebrate!

Who Should Celebrate Creation? Everyone!

Everyone that fears the lord according to Psalms 118 and 135! You don’t have to be Jewish.  

Psalm 118 says:

Let Israel declare,
“His steadfast love is eternal.”

Let the house of Aaron declare,
“His steadfast love is eternal.”

Let those who fear the LORD declare,
“His steadfast love is eternal.”

Psalm 135 says:

O house of Israel, bless the LORD;

O house of Aaron, bless the LORD;

O house of Levi, bless the LORD;

you who fear the LORD, bless the LORD.

Perhaps those that fear the Lord are descriptions of Believers! And Noahide Believers are consistent with the three great Abrahamic religions of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.

Why Should We Celebrate the Anniversary of Creation?

Celebrating the anniversary of creation is important because it reminds us of God’s faithfulness and generosity. For example, the first thing God did was create light. He separated the dark from the light and called the light “day,” and the dark “night.” This act of separating the light from the darkness is a powerful picture of God’s strength, goodness, and justice. It also teaches us that God is the only one who can create light because all light has to come from Him. 

The second thing God did was create an expanse in the middle of the waters. This is a picture of His strength, His firmness, and His authority. It also tells us that the oceans and seas are His, and that He has full control over them and can calm them when He chooses. 

The third thing God did was to create dry land. This is a picture of God’s faithfulness and His ability to bring new things out of what was previously out of His control. It also shows us that God is faithful to His promises and that He can bring out the best in us. 

The fourth thing God did was plant a garden. This is a picture of God’s generosity, kindness, and beauty. It tells us that God is generous with His resources and wants to give us the best things in life. It also tells us that God is kind and makes things beautiful in all aspects of life.

How to Celebrate the Anniversary of Creation

Celebrating the anniversary of creation is easy. All you have to do is celebrate God’s work. Here are some suggestions for celebrating the anniversary of creation in addition to or with traditional Rosh Hashana observance: 

- Read the story of creation in Genesis. 

- Pray and thank God for creating the world and for the gift of life. 

- Make a list of things that you are thankful for. 

- Celebrate the gift of life. Treat life as a gift. 

- Make a list of things you want to do before you die. 

- Do acts of kindness and service. 

- Visit a garden or park. 

- Visit a cemetery, synagogue, or place of worship. 

- Go on a hike and enjoy nature. 

- Go star gazing or learn more about other constellations.

 - For children, make a craft about creation. 

- Host a dinner party and serve foods that represent creation and/or a traditional Rosh Hashana dinner

Does Celebrating Creation Help us Restart Success?

Yes! 10 Truths Show us the way!

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks zt”l highlights 10 Universal Truths we can learn and do by Celebrating Creation. Here’s some of what he reveals in his book, “Ceremony and Celebration”:

1)The 1st harsh truth is life is short. Learn to use our time wisely

2)The second truth is that “life itself, each day, every breath we take, is the gift of God.” Be grateful!

3)The 3rd truth is that we are FREE! “The very fact …that we can act differently tomorrow than we did yesterday, tells us we are free” We have FREE Choice to improve!

4) “Fourth, life is meaningful.” Let’s learn to put more purpose and meaning into everyday

5)”Fifth, life is not easy”. We all have challenges but none of us are alone. We all have a loving Higher Power and loving people all across the globe in abundance and accessible for the asking. We just need to reach out and find a select few faithful friends.

6) “Sixth, life may be hard, but it can still be sweet, the way the Cĥalla bread and the apple are on Rosh HaShana when we dip them in honey.”

7)”Seventh, our life is the single greatest work of art we will ever make”. Make every day an opportunity for improvement. Small 1% daily gains compound! Doing this, you become 37 times better in only one yer!

8) “Eighth, we are what we are because of those who came before us. Our lives are not disconnected particles. We are each a letter in God’s book of life” We’re important and deserve ourselves and others to treat us with respect.

9) “Ninth, we are heirs to another kind of greatness too, that of the Torah itself and its high demands, its strenuous ideals, its panoply of mitzvot, its intellectual and existential challenges.” Learn to recreate ourselves with high ideals.

10)”And finally comes the sound of the shofar, piercing our defenses, a wordless cry in a religion of words, a sound produced by breath as if to tell us that that is all life is – a mere breath – yet our breath is nothing less than the spirit of God within us”. We all are made in the image of God. His breath is our life. Accordingly, we must respect ourselves 1st as well as respect others. After all, we’re all brothers.

The Big Shabbat Type Rosh Hashana Dinner Party!

Celebrate the anniversary of creation with a Shabbat type Rosh Hashana dinner party! Shabbat is a Jewish day of rest. It is celebrated on the seventh day of the week and is one of the most important religious holidays for Jewish people. 

It is also one of the most important dates in creation and is associated with the creation of all things in the universe. It is a day when many Jews visit family and friends. It is a day when they stop working, put their things aside, and spend time with friends and family. 

Hosting a Shabbat type Rosh Hashana dinner with friends and family is a great way to celebrate the anniversary of creation. 

Hosting a Shabbat type Rosh Hashana dinner with friends and family is a great way to celebrate the anniversary of creation. 

You can prepare foods and dishes that represent creation, such as vegetables, potatoes, fruits, and other items that are grown on the earth. You can also use decorations, dishes, and tablecloths that represent creation. Create a flow of conversation that goes from the creation story to your own personal stories and experiences. Make it a night to remember!


Celebrating the anniversary of creation is a way to remember God’s faithfulness and generosity in creating the world. It is also a way to celebrate the gift of life. God created the world and everything in it in six days, and rested on the seventh day. This is a reminder for us to take time out of each week to rest and reflect. We can celebrate creation by taking time to appreciate God’s creation. We can enjoy the beauty of the world by visiting a garden or park or by going star gazing. We can also celebrate creation by hosting a dinner party.

We can and will make this year better than last year. We’ll renew, recreate, learn, unlearn, and re-learn for our better tomorrow. We’ll Start every day as our FREE Start New Year!

I hope this article has been helpful to you as you celebrate the creation of the world. I encourage all to share this celebration of creation with others. We can all have a celebration of God’s faithfulness and generosity in creating the world.

Shana Tova!

Good Year!