Seven Noahide Laws 

Form the Bedrock of all Civilized Society

For a Better World of Wisdom and Universal Peace

The Seven Noahide Laws were one of the 1st foundational underpinnings of Western civilization. Originally given by G-d to Adam as six laws, they were again given to Noah after the flood adding the seventh law.

Seven Noahide Laws  

Form the Bedrock of all Civilized Society
For a Better World of Wisdom and Universal Peace


Acknowledge that there is only one G‑d who is Infinite and Supreme above all things. Do not replace that Supreme Being with finite idols, be it yourself, or other beings. This command includes such acts as prayer, study and meditation.



Respect the Creator. As frustrated and angry as you may be, do not vent it by cursing your Maker.



Respect human life. Every human being is an entire world. To save a life is to save that entire world. To destroy a life is to destroy an entire world. To help others live is a corollary of this principle.



Respect the institution of marriage. Marriage is a most Divine act. The marriage of a man and a woman is a reflection of the oneness of G‑d and His creation. Disloyalty in marriage is an assault on that oneness.



Respect the rights and property of others. Be honest in all your business dealings. By relying on G‑d rather than on our own conniving, we express our trust in Him as the Provider of Life.



Respect G‑d's creatures. At first, Man was forbidden to consume meat. After the Great Flood, he was permitted - but with a warning: Do not cause unnecessary suffering to any creature.



Maintain justice. Justice is G‑d's business, but we are given the charge to lay down necessary laws and enforce them whenever we can. When we right the wrongs of society, we are acting as partners in the act of sustaining the creation.

The Seven Noahide Laws were one of the 1st foundational underpinnings of Western civilization. Originally given by G-d to Adam as six laws, they were again given to Noah after the flood adding the seventh law. Therefore, it historically came before the giving of the Hebrew Bible (the Old Testament), The Bible: (New Testament), The Magna Carta, The Declaration of Independence, The U.S. Constitution, The Federalist Papers, and The Bill of Rights. 

Following these seven laws and building upon them, we became the most prosperous and free people in the history of humanity. Ignoring these seven laws also has an historical precedence; decline and destruction. Let’s follow these seven laws and save Western civilization.

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Celebrating the Consciousness of the 7 Laws of Life

According to the Genesis account, Adam and Eve were the first man and woman, created by divine decree to inaugurate humanity. God proclaimed it was not good for Adam to be alone, and fashioned Eve as his soulmate and wife. Together they embodied the primal marriage, two complementary halves joining to form a greater whole.

This original union on Rosh Hashana represents the genesis point for the sacred marital bond that has endured through the ages. Jewish tradition teaches that every wedding ceremony harkens back to that first cosmic coupling at the dawn of creation.

Rosh Hashana celebrates not just the creation of Adam and Eve, but the birth of consciousness. As the first beings gifted with divine awareness, they represent the awakening of the human spirit. And with each new birth, we echo that miraculous beginning.

Our personal birthdays hearken back to Adam and Eve’s legacy as the primordial humans. Each child is a spark rekindling their original divine light. This explains the Jewish reverence for birth as a wondrous, mystical affair.

These foundational stories contain universal significance. All peoples and faiths can find resonance in the biblical conception of marriage, the human family tree stemming from those original parents, and our collective spiritual roots dating back to Eden.

According to Jewish tradition, God gave Adam and Eve six fundamental laws for all humanity, the Noahide commandments. A seventh Noahide Law was added and subsequently given to Noah. These ethical precepts bind together the human family, laying the groundwork for a just civilization reflecting the divine image within each person.

So the Seven Universal Laws, along with the customs of marriage and celebrating new life, connect back to Adam and Eve's essential lesson - that all people are created equal under the sovereignty of the Almighty. 

What is The Significance of 7 Laws of Life

7 Laws of Life - Speak truth, pursue growth, live with purpose, practice patience, show compassion, give more than you take, and reflect on self.

The number 7 has profound spiritual meaning across cultures. Some examples of the power of 7:

1.)The 7 Noahide Laws - These core Biblical precepts for all humanity include prohibitions on idolatry, murder, theft, etc. They are considered the pillars of a just world.

2.)7 Days of the Week - The global prominence of a 7-day week traces back to the Biblical story of Genesis and God's creation of the world.

3.)7 Colors of the Rainbow - Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. Isaac Newton established these 7 colors which can be seen in a prism.

4.)7 Notes in a Musical Scale - In Western music, an octave is comprised of 7 natural notes. The repeating 7 note patterns create memorable melodies.

5.)7 Heavens - Both Judaism & Islam reference 7 heavens. Ancient cosmology depicted 7 ascending celestial spheres beyond the earth.

6.)7 weeks x 7 days = 49 days. In Kabbalah, 49 days marks a period of spiritual purification and rebirth.

7.)The 7th day is consecrated in All Three Abrahamic Religions as a day of holiness and rest.

The ubiquity of 7 in theology, story, and nature hints at its symbolic meaning - a holy number pointing to our Divine Existence

Is The World Getting Better? Look:

(set back temporarly by a huge tragic worldwide pandemic)

Notice the last 250 years? That's AMERICA! Born and leading the world! The Declaration of Independence with the promise of LIFE, LIBERTY, and the pursuit of HAPPINESS! Look at the worldwide results:


The US must focus on re-emphasizing its traditional Abrahamic Religious 

values of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. The Seven Noahide Laws are a great place to start.

Make the World a Better Place

Yes! You can do it!

YOU can do one additional positive act, say one extra positive word, think one more positive thought in line with these Seven Noahide Laws.

It might just be the one extra amount of goodness that changes the balance of the whole world toward G-dliness and goodness.

Please share and spread this universal message of peace and goodness

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Sources of Seven Noahide Laws

“And the Lord God commanded the man, saying: Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat; but from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you shall not eat from it, for on the day that you eat from it, you shall die” (Genesis 2:16–17). The verse is interpreted homiletically as follows: With regard to the term “and…commanded,” these are the courts of judgment; and so it states in another verse: “For I have known him, to the end that he may 

command his children and his household after him, that they may keep the way of the Lord, to do righteousness and justice” (Genesis 18:19). More: 

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